More often than not, authorizations are received over the phone, or mail, or fax.

With TM, you can enter all of your authorizations in one place, and the entire team knows about it. You can date stamp every entry, and also attach documents and scans to the consumer’s file.

Also, you can mark which is the latest update or extension to an authorization, and make sure Billing is up to date with the latest info.

In the slide show that follows, we explore the intake processes for consumers who are interested in availing therapy services:

  • The consumer’s information is entered in the system.
  • The consumer is assigned staff
  • The consumer is assigned a funding source
  • The consumer’s documents are uploaded
  • The consumer’s address is entered in the system
  • A case is created


Case Management – Areas of Interest

  • My authorization demands the therapist must have a Master’s degree. How does ACS handle this?
  • How do I tell which authorizations have expired?
  • How do I tell which authorizations are overdue?
  • Can I pull a report that shows which authorizations have underutilized hours?
  • Can I pull a report that shows which authorizations have been rendered in excess?
  • Can ACS help me keep my authorizations on track?
  • How can I tell how many hours are remaining on an authorization, how many are already scheduled and how many are pending?
  • How can I tell when was the last time we provided services to a client?