How We Work

Step 1: Getting To Know You 

Although we are experts in industry best practices, we take pride in never recommending a one-size-fits-all strategy for any of our clients when it comes to clinic practice management. We are both a clinical practice specialist and technology expert and we have walked in your staff shoes. We know the day-to-day challenges of scheduling, timesheet, tracking cases, keeping client happy with up to minute reliable answers and still doing the billing, payroll and tracking financials. We will listen to you and we are committed to your mission and success.

Step 2: Securing Your Data’s Infrastructure

HIPAA requires that any system meet strict security standards. Our IT department will work with your IT Team to ensure that the cloud based solution or if you prefer in house software meet the required standards of privacy and security.  We work together with your IT department or can function as your IT staff if that is your preference. Our resources include cloud-based access anywhere system, to the state-of-the-art data warehousing, proactive monitoring and secure nightly backups and more.

Step 3: Building Reports

Reporting can be time-consuming, but with your data newly stored and streamlined, we can take the reports you already rely on and automate them for instant access. We also help you build new custom reports that would have been more difficult to produce if your staff were compiling them manually. With your new clinical practice management system in place, from data entry to reporting, you will never again duplicate efforts or perform manual tasks that could be avoided through automation.

Decrease Costs

Once you’ve gone through the process of improving your operational efficiency, you’ll start to see costs decline and once- leaking revenue remain on your bottom line where it belongs. Consider these examples:

Start Fragment End Fragment

The Cost of a Client Complaint: When you have full visibility from intake to payment, your admin, schedulers, therapist and client service have more control and can confidently make promises about appointment availability without having to say a little prayer under their breath.

Streamline Process

You pay a premium for your employees’ time. From every keystroke in your accounting and admin department to every appointment that was a no show, every billing hour unpaid because of proper review – the clock is ticking. Your investment is either being maximized by your processes or lost.

Some examples of processes that may be costing you time and money:

  • Manual data entry into bulky spreadsheets
  • Duplication of data management efforts due to non-integrated systems
  • Unpaid invoices that go unnoticed
  • Spending time collecting and compiling data for monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Therapist staff calling to check on availability of case hour

The expert consultants at spend time with you analyzing your workflow looking for areas of inefficiency that may be costing you thousands each month. The solutions available today and their reasonable cost will be a pleasant surprise.

Feel free to contact us any time at  (310) 313-0047×123 or email us at [email protected]. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have and brainstorm with you about issues unique to your clinic that you don’t see addressed here. Our expert team of programmers can create custom integration that will bring a new level of efficiency you never thought possible.