amjadhkhan.jpgTherapy Clinic Software has been making lives easier for therapists and their clinical staffs since 2006, but the company’s story can be traced all the way back to the 1980s. Back then, founder and president Amjad Khan worked for a small, family-owned importer and distributor business based in Santa Monica, California. At the end of each billing cycle, Amjad saw his former boss struggle to handle billing statements accurately and efficiently. His business lacked a system of centralized organization for paperwork, and he had no access to automated services that would allow him to manage documents. This missing link was even affecting his boss’ ability to spend time with his family. He was not the only small business owner stuck in this frustrating situation.

One day, a software consultant came into the office and proposed an appealing alternative to old-fashioned paper documents with new software, this business could easily maintain their records online, and then instantly print out billing statements when they were needed. Now Amjad’s former boss could streamline the cyclical process of delivering statements, and spend more time with his family at home.

Fast-forward a couple decades later to 2006, when Therapy Clinic Software grew out of the needs of therapy clinics for more streamlined paperwork and scheduling management. Amjad and the rest of the TM team listened to the complaints of a psychologist at an therapy clinic, who said that the situation at his clinic was so inefficient that it was interfering with his staff’s ability to serve clients well.

Soon enough, the team at TM figured out that they could respond to the clinic’s specific needs with customized software—that missing link was Therapy Clinic Software. TM works with therapy clinics to develop customized software that addresses clinics’ specific needs. This way, tutors and their clients can easily make schedule changes and keep their calendars and clinical notes all in one place. Administrators can also instantly handle billing, track clients, and adapt to last-minute cancellations, all in compliance with the appropriate regulations and privacy needs. Plus, Therapy Clinic Software is accessible via web, desktop, cloud computing, and both Apple and Android devices.

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