TM allows admin staff to match employees with consumers based on a comprehensive set of rules, such as:

  • Distance calculation to match the staff that is closest to the child
  • Match staff to family based on availability
  • Match staff to family based on language preferences
  • Match staff to family based on credentials
  • Match staff to family based on gender
  • And more…

TM makes sure that appointments do not collide.

TM sends reminder emails to all related parties to reduce cancellation and incomplete appointments.

Each time an appointment is created, modified or cancelled, TM can be configured to automatically send an email alert to the consumer and employee with an attachment to update the calendars on their mobile devices.

Here is an example:

functions scheduling

In the slide show that follows, we explore the inner workings of TM Scheduling:

  • How to create availability for consumers and employees
  • How to create an appointment
  • How to best match employees with consumers using the TM Quick Schedule module

Scheduling – Areas of Interest

  • Can I schedule multiple clients for the same appointment?
  • We hold classes led by multiple therapists at a time.
  • How do I schedule my clients for these classes?
  • How can I mark attendance for these classes in TM?
  • How do I check if a client attended the class on Monday?
  • What happens if a therapist cancels?
  • What happens if a client cancels?
  • I have three therapists working on a case. Can I schedule a single appointment for all three?
  • Our therapists go on vacation each year. How do we factor this in while scheduling them?
  • How do I add availability for an employee?
  • How do I add availability for a client?
  • How do I check the status of an appointment?
  • My therapist cancelled at the last minute. How do I reschedule my client?
  • How can my therapist see their next month’s schedule?
  • How can I find the best therapist for my client?