Mobile Encrypted Data Xchange

TMobile Encrypted Data Xchange or M.E.D.X is a mobile communication system for healthcare. M.E.D.X is a bring your own device (BYOD) control your own data (CYOD) solution. M.E.D.X was designed by physicians, nurses and ancillary personnel for the intent to improve patient outcomes. The purpose of M.E.D.X is to securely exchange protected health information (PHI) between all staff involved with handling PHI. This will not only improve clinical decision-making, but also enhance workflows within the healthcare system. M.E.D.X uses the latest advances in security, encryption, and device safeguards. It also has the most advanced features for mobile messaging in the healthcare market. M.E.D.X is a unique communication system because of its ability to unite healthcare systems from within and also bridge outside systems together. Its advanced features and user experience guarantees that it will be utilized by all healthcare personnel whenever PHI is exchanged. To learn more about the security, controls, features, functionality, user experience and ROI of M.E.D.X, please contact us to schedule a demonstration.

Experience Secure Advanced Clinical Communication