Amanda is in reception, where the phones don’t stop.

She has been with the company for about three years and has seen about anything in the front desk. She embodies the spirit of multitasking as she is passing messages, organizing the ER records coordinating the repair of the front gate, and of course refilling the coffee pot. Oh, and on top of all that, she coordinates intakes, Authorizations, and manages UCI records.

The multifunctional printer –the latest acquisition of the company- is giving her a lot of headaches lately, but she is hopeful Friday will come soon so she can go get her nails done and perhaps even join the sushi happy hour nearby.

Amanda also knows all the great places to eat around the office, and if you need any kind of handy advice, she is your go-to person.

If you feel like sharing anything with our expert multiasker, just shoot her an e-mail. She’ll reply right back [email protected]



Betty handles serious business as she is doing the Billing for the company. Betty has been a loyal employee for the last nine and a half years. There are rumors that she will have a pretty nice award and even a ceremony when she reaches a decade at the job.

Betty has been able to navigate and lead the billing department, most notoriously to comply with the ongoing requirements from the Regional Centers. Her previous experience with medical billing software and EMR has been definitively a plus.

When not juggling invoices, she is enjoying good food. As a self-taught cook, she prepares all kinds of tasty treats.

If you are nice to her, she might bake you her famous strawberry angel food cake for your birthday.

Billing questions? Talk to Betty, she is a sweetheart. [email protected]



Hannah is one of the newest members of the team. She joined the Human Resource Department less than a year ago right after finishing her Masters.

Fresh out of school, Hanna is energetic and passionate about occupational therapy and her role in the company. She is constantly encouraging others to be better. Her personal mission is to create a stronger and more defined company culture as she feels is the key element for successful organizational growth.

Hanna gets her own motivation and inspiration from exploring her artsy side. Weekends are full of picture taking, art exhibits, open mics, and some yoga sessions.

You can ask her every Friday what’s the art scene for the weekend, and she can provide you a complete list of the happenings, even better than the local newspaper.

Want a little HR advice? Hanna is your girl. Go ahead. [email protected]



Pam is quite a character in the office. Although is not known exactly how long she has been in the company, she has been there the longest. She started in the front desk, and now she is the one running the Payroll Department.

Pam has a contingency plan for each operating procedure. Let’s say she is just a little paranoid about… well pretty much everything.
She doesn’t trust small business software, so she keeps hard copies of every timesheet, report, memo, employee request… you name it.  Last audit, she passed it with flying colors and even got a bonus for it in her last review.

When Pam can get her mind out of the “what-ifs” of work, she enjoys going anywhere with a view of the ocean. Her favorite vacations where back in 2007 in Santa Monica, CA, where she also gained an interest in bird watching.

She is also the type of coworker that knows tons of random facts that would surprise anybody.

Pam can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about payroll, and many other facts. Give her a try! [email protected]



Stephanie –or Stephanie as she is called at the office- is a French girl that moved to the city about five years ago. She studied medical translation along with some programming, and she worked in the medical software industry back in La France.

At the office, Stephanie found her position as the Scheduler. She spends most of her day coordinating with the clinical managers the DTT and ABA scheduling, training’s, meetings, and ongoing activities for the month. Her real passion though, is matching the resources to the incoming customer demand.

Stephanie is the excel wizard of the office, and she can create neat reports and small programs with it.

When she is not trying to perfect her master scheduler, Steph enjoys watching foreign short films, and also volunteering in the local radio station. Maybe someday, she says, she will change paths and work for the film industry. She also has a bright self-deprecating humor and makes fun French stereotypes.

Let Steph tell you a joke, or her latest adventure in the quest of conquering scheduling. [email protected]



Irene is the geekiest around the office; she is the IT Manager. She started consulting for the company six years ago, until one day it became obvious she was spending 40+ hours a week in the office, so she upgraded to a full time employee.

Irene can easily switch between plain English and incomprehensive- technical-jargon. Steph and Irene have been trying to develop scheduling software that would be the panacea for the office, yet most of the time Irene is sprinting from one side to another trying to keep everything in line.

Her most notorious achievement was when she switched the company from DOS to Windows without any downtime. She is that good.

Irene is not only good at envisioning solid IT architecture, but also is quite a good drafter and architecture fan. She doesn’t mind taking a couple extra roads on her way to work just to contemplate that 1920’s building next to the city hall.

Want to test how much Irene knows? Give her an IT question and be surprised. [email protected]



Claudia is the Clinical Supervisor at the office. She absolutely loves watching patients progress and improve their quality of life. She has been seven years with the company.

Claudia started in the company as a Direct Staff dealing with the children directly. Then as time continued she moved up the ladder and now she coordinates and supervises the Direct Staff. She is very charismatic and eloquent, and she usually gets great reviews after she trains the new hires.

Although she is not keen about the systems and operations of practice management, the most rewarding moment of her day is when she acknowledges the improvements in the life of the kids and their families.

Outside the office, she is the president of a Toastmaster club, where she improves her public speaking and encourages others to lose their fear to deliver speeches in front of a friendly crowd.

Claudia can help you bring the best of you and your team. Just ask her how. [email protected]



Penny has been in the office about four years and she is in charge of Accounts Payable.

Although Penny is a confident woman and terrific coworker, she is usually holding her breath because she is unsure about whether all the amounts paid are accurate. Plus all the extra discounts, is so difficult to keep track of it all!

Penny started working as Order Entry, and moved all the way up to AP. She now overviews most transactions, and spends a fair amount of time during the week trying to create a compelling vendor report, or helping Pam with Overtime.

When not juggling the bills, Penny is taking her two dogs for walks, park, training drills, and all that good stuff.

Penny would tell you a bunch of anecdotes from her time in Payables! [email protected]



Danielle is the newest member of the team. She joined last May right after completing her Bachellors in Pyschology, proudly with Honors.

She is enthusiastic and looking forward to learn and get training to continue working in the Behavioral Health industry. She has been stressed out lately with the new DS 5862 Form, and although she is sligthly skeptical about her first job out of school, she is doing her best.

Sometimes she wonders if this is the right company for her… things feel un necesarily complicated at times. But heck, she is giving it a chance. She is optimistic at heart.

When not learning new skills at the job, Danielle is hiking her way around the city. Also as a biking adept, you can always spot Danielle’s car with her bright pink bycicle rack.
Why not tell how you feel at your job in Behavioral Health? [email protected]



Andrea, the Accountant, is one of the main decision makers of the company. She is trusthworthy and loyal. For the last couple years she has been interested in investing in EMR Sotfware, or any software really, that could help make their lives better and break the silos she notices in the company.

As one of the key advisors to the owner of the business, she is constantly looking for ways to improve ongoing processes.

Thakfully, she has been able to hold a good grasp of the key activities of the company and lead them to perform well. Not to mention her impecable record keeping practices and Reporting.

Andrea is also an avid gardener. When she can get herself out of the office, she is visits plant shops and maintains her near-perfect garden back at home. She is thinking on start planting her own veggerables this coming season.

Andrea is an excellent source of advise. Go ahead and ask [email protected]