10 Key Metrics for your Schedule

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Your Schedule

Ten reports and related questions to help you ensure you are scheduling at its best.

Each clinic may do things a little differently, but at the end of the day, numbers must be crunched and questions answered. However you choose to do it, we would like to share with you the key areas we have found while working with ABA service providers, and maybe orient you in the right direction for your enterprise.

1. Contract fulfillment
Are you fulfilling the hours (or units) authorized on the case contract?
How close are you from fulfilling the authorization?
Have you scheduled all the appointments required, plus some contingency, to meet these requirements?

2. Employee utilization
To what extent are you utilizing your available resources?
What patterns do you identify for employee workload across different scenarios? (Time of the year, type of service, etc.)
Can you improve employee satisfaction by balancing their workload?

 3. Schedule turnaround
From the time you get a new contract, how long does it take you to assign a team to a case?

4. Contract expiration
What contracts are about to expire?
Have you requested necessary extensions on time to avoid disruption of services?
How are you managing the transfer of work from one closed case to a new one?

Contract Expiration

5. Referrals and Sources
Do you know what is in your pipeline?
What are your best sources of referrals?
What is the main cause of referrals not been transformed into cases?

6. Workload analysis
What days and times present the heaviest and lightest workload?
Can you create incentives to your employees to accommodate to these trends?
Can you sensibly respond to these fluctuations on demand to avoid incurring into overtime and overworking employees?

7. Cancellations
What appointments have been cancelled?
Can you take any proactive measure to avoid sending staff to the field, or making commitment to cases, that will be unfulfilled?

8. Rescheduling
Which clients and employees request changes to schedule most frequently?
Can you manage these changes on schedule without causing stress and draining resources from other departments?

9. Travel &Mileage
Into how much travel and mileage are you incurring?
Can you improve the number of appointments per day to provide better options to employees?

10. Overtime and Rest Breaks
Despite your best efforts to balance workload efficiently, how much overtime are you accruing?
Are employees taking their requested rest breaks, if not, are you on top of compensating break times?