3 Elements of a Modern Clinic

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3 Elements of a Modern Clinic

The environment for clinics is increasingly demanding. Although there is abundant demand for applied behavioral services, the fast pace of providing services –while remaining compliant while scheduling and billing- can be a daunting challenge.

Here are three elements every modern clinic can use to remain efficient

1. Electronic Records

It is no longer possible to have sound response time if you need to look for paperwork every time there is a business inquiry. The amount of resources required to organize, transcribe, and file paper-based documents is grueling in the long term.

With an electronic system information is stored in one place, and accessible via multiple platforms.

2. Streamlined Processes

Isolated processes tend to create duplicate work, breakdowns on communication, and lack of accountability; disjointed operations are inefficient overall.
When you work on an integrated system you gain not only efficiency but also the ability to track, audit, and balance different elements. While it takes more effort to implement a complex platform, it pays off.

3. Prompt Communication

Communicating critical information to the right team member at the right time can transform how your clinic responds to operational challenges. Empowering your therapists, supervisors, parents and families to be in the loop will not only reduce the time of handling calls and inquiries, but will also increase their confidence on your practice and allow them to concentrate on their core competencies.

If all these elements are in harmony, a therapist could wake up and check her schedule online. Perhaps she would realize the place of her session has been updated from the home to the school. She could estimate about how many miles she will drive today and when is a good time to take her lunch break.
Then at the end of the session, she could request the parent to sign on her tablet, or phone, and automatically and safely transmit this information to the office, so her supervisor, director, and management know the appointment was successfully rendered. These are some of the elements you want to look for when choosing the right software for your complany. Read more on: What to look for on ABA Software
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