3 Factors Impacting Behavior Interventionist Efficiency

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Being an effective behavior interventionist requires knowledge, skill and many years of experience providing care for an array of clients. It also takes the ability to operate efficiently, so the maximum number of clients can be treated without a negative impact on quality of care.

Unfortunately, achieving peak efficiency isn’t always easy. The first step in doing so is identifying which factors are causing the problems. When looking to pinpoint these factors, there are three primary areas to consider:

1) Scheduling

  • Long wait times and drive times between clients
  • Too few or too many work hours provided by the company
  • Wasted time recording data on unintuitive software
  • Session cancellations with no compensation

2) Billing and payments

  • Taking the time away from clients to drive and turn in time sheets
  • Uncompensated time spent rendering services and contacting scheduling to adjust time

3) Mismatches

  • When clients and parents are not on the same page, parents may not appreciate the therapist’s technique or style of administering therapy
  • Differences between the supervisor and  behavior interventionist may prevent them from working together collaboratively

Not only do these inefficiencies prevent a behavior interventionist from providing optimal care, but they can have a direct impact on the behavior interventionist’s pocket book. For example, having to travel to turn in time sheets is uncompensated time that isn’t productive for either the interventionist or the clients he or she treats.

Many of the inefficiencies above can be solved by having the right operational processes in place. One of the easiest ways to get everything in line is with ABA clinic software that houses scheduling and billing functionality in one place. It reduces the amount of back and forth between both processes, resulting in more streamlined and efficient operations.

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