3 Keys to Support your Supervisors

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3 Keys to Support

Supervisors have an essential job creating the bridge between supporting the office with contract compliance, schedule,  and managing therapists, clients, and families to making sure services are provided to the best standards.

To help them holding their crucial role, we would like to share three ways you can support your Supervisors perform at their best.

  1. Give them Autonomy and Tools 

Rather than micromanaging your supervisors, invest on providing them with tools to do their jobs and fulfill their potential. A smart way of doing so is by enabling them to create their own schedule, adjust commitments, take on new clients, take efficient notes, review billing hours, and communicate with peers easily.

We, at Autism Clinic Software, offer a powerful, yet flexible platform where Supervisors can schedule themselves, but get reminded if contracts are about to expire or if they are booking sessions beyond authorized hours. They can do so comfortably from any web device, be it a laptop, tablet, or even their phones.

Any transaction they make on ACS is visible for directors and management to see, so you do not need to call supervisors to know what they are doing, or how many hours they have provided this month. All the information is centrally stored and available for inquiry.

  1. Provide Supervisors Information Seamlessly

Supervisors face a hectic schedule as it is, and when issues arise, they are usually the first responders. A crucial way to support their work and responsiveness is by making information easily accessible to them.

On ACS we offer Supervisors with a portal where they can check their cases, and all the cases from their employees, in one place.  Whether Supervisors need to review employee availability or contact a family or confirm an address, all the relevant client information is available for the m and secure under HIPPA.

  1. Share Key Metrics

Staying on top requires your team knowing key targets. Rather than sharing goals and deadlines only at meetings, make them available on demand. On our platform, for example, report due dates, contract expirations, billing hours, and authorization fulfillment levels are a click away.

With ACS your supervisors can access their reports and KPIs so they can work with clear targets in sight.

Other benefits and advantages of a robust employee portal are described on our blogpost 5 Top Benefits of Employee Internal Portals for ABA Therapists

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