5 Stakeholders that Benefit from ABA Scheduling Software

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Scheduling at an ABA therapy clinic can be a complex undertaking considering the number of moving parts that need to be aligned. You’re trying to find the best time for the client while also taking into the consideration the availability of your therapists and whether their credentials match up with the needs of that client.

Luckily, ABA scheduling software can make life much easier. Unlike more general practice management products out there, the best ABA scheduling software solutions are designed specifically for the day-to-day operations of ABA clinics. They take into account the outpatient nature of your clinic so you can sync clients and therapists with ease.

The following are the five stakeholders who benefit most from a first-rate ABA scheduling solution.

Children and Families Served by Your Clinic

Obviously, the most important stakeholders at your clinic are the children and families you serve. Well-designed ABA scheduling software will help ensure you’re meeting their needs on time, every time. You’ll be able to easily cross-check client and staff availability so clients are assigned the best available therapist for their needs.

ABA Therapists and Staff Providing Off-Site Service

Your therapists and staff probably want two things most: to treat clients to the best of their availability and to be used by the clinic as productively as possible. The first depends on them, but the second depends on maximizing their available hours with clients. ABA scheduling software syncs up their qualifications and availability with clients, so they can serve clients as often as possible.

ABA Therapy Clinical Supervisors and Case Managers

In their more wide-reaching roles, clinical supervisors and case managers can do without the mishaps and inefficiencies created by using programs like Excel or Google Calendar to manage scheduling. Autism scheduling software eliminates the need to create different calendars for each individual staff member or client family.

ABA Therapy Intake and Other Administrative Services Functions

The best ABA scheduling software doesn’t just serve as a calendar, but also as a place to hold important client information. Staff members dealing with intake and other administrative functions get to place the vital client information they record in one place so they can easily find it when needed.

ABA Therapy Payroll and Human Resources Team

Although it can be hard to believe in today’s era of digital advancement, some ABA therapy clinics still use paper for having staff log hours. Not only is it a pain for the staff, but it can also become difficult for payroll and HR to sort through. ABA scheduling software provides electronic timesheets that show what’s been done and when, streamlining the payroll process.

As you can see, ABA scheduling software can have a positive impact on your clinic across functions, roles, and departments. In the end, all of these lead back to treating clients more effectively and efficiently. If you aren’t already using ABA scheduling software or your current software doesn’t serve these key areas, it may be time to start looking for a new solution.

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