Autism Clinic Software: 10 Benefits You Need to Know About

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Technology is wonderful. Instead of getting bogged down with paper-based processes, you likely have some sort of scheduling tool (think Excel or Google Calendar), a billing solution to help bring in payments, and maybe even an employee portal for your staff. But what if you could have all those things and more in one centralized, intuitive platform designed specifically for the workflows of ABA therapy clinics?

That’s where Autism Clinic Software comes in. We created our software to help ABA therapy providers simplify and integrate critical processes like scheduling, timesheets, billing and payroll so that managing the clinic becomes easier and less time-consuming.

Here are 10 benefits of our software that will keep you and your entire staff happy and productive.

1. Centralization

Keep all of your client, employee and insurer information in one software instead of entering it various places. By housing all of the information in Autism Clinic Software, you no longer have to flip back and forth between various resources to find the data you’re looking for.

2. Accessibility

Have complete access to your staff’s latest availability during scheduling, including vacation and currently scheduled workloads. With all of your staff’s scheduling availability in the same system, you can allocate cases with a lesser probability of having to reschedule later. No need to rely on memory or personal knowledge any longer.

3. Advanced Matching

Autism Clinic Software uses the information you enter for employees – like credentials, licenses and certifications – to match clients with the best available behavior interventionist for their needs. You can also minimize travel time by using the built-in Google mapping tool to match the closest interventionist to the family address.

4. Easy Adjustments

Making adjustments on the fly isn’t as stressful when you can see staff availability for any specific session on any date or time slot. It’s very useful when the assigned behavior interventionist calls in with car troubles and you have to find a substitute at the last minute. You no longer have to call around to find a replacement.

5. Portal for Behavior Interventionists

Provide each behavior interventionist with easy access to their own schedule, notes and information on their mobile device. This helps keep behavior interventionists on schedule, reduces the amount of paperwork they need to carry around and ultimately leads to better service for the clients they serve.

6. Recurring Appointments

Busy schedulers can take a task off their plate by the software to schedule appointments months in advance based on the personal schedule of behavior interventionists and the preferences of families. Of course, changes to specific appointments can always be made if necessary. The software is designed to account for the specific authorization, weekly maximum and specific credential requirements.

7. Customized Alerts

Keep the family and the team providing clinical services informed at all times. Automatic alerts are sent as soon as an appointment is entered or changed. Studies show that reminders and alerts reduce last minute cancellations and no-shows. If you still use Excel, the scheduler is tasked with making phone calls and sending emails to both family and staff to ensure the appointment is kept.

8. Visibility

Color coded calendars make it easy to identify the available appointment slots in addition to appointments that are scheduled, completed or have been cancelled. You can see this both for clients and employees alike.

9. Speed

Through Autism Clinic Software, your therapists can report completion on sessions. Then in real time, you can obtain the session details – from actual appointment times and location – and even signatures. This improves your response time and you are able to catch anomalies as they occur, so you can re-train staff or take action as needed.

Even timesheets are just a click away. Behavior interventionists can complete timesheets on their mobile device, which saves them a trip to the office.

10. Timesheet Signature Verification

In many states, getting signatures of behavior interventionists and the parents for each session is mandatory. That is easy using our software. It allows parents and interventionists to confirm the session by signing the electronic form with their finger. All signatures are stored with the timesheets. This improves cash flow as billing is more accurate.

As you can see, a completely centralized platform like Autism Clinic Software can bring benefits across your entire clinic. Best of all, the efficiencies created by the software end up improving your clinic’s profitability. Wouldn’t you like to bring the benefits listed above to your clinic?

If so, you can request a free 30-day trial of our software and experience it for yourself.